Who Are We?

Carleton University Disability Research Group is a collaborative project seeking to apply an interdisciplinary approach to disability studies. As of January 2019 it consisted of


Sandy Barron, Department of History (Researcher)
Adrian Chan, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering (Lead)
Brittany Clayton, Department of Music (Technical Advisor)
George Duimovich, MacOdrum Library (Technical Advisor)
Roy Hanes, School of Social Work (Lead)
Dominique Marshall, Department of History (Lead_
Ryan Patterson, History (Researcher)
Shannon Prendergast, Department of History (Research Assistant)
Sreeraman Rajan, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering (Advisor)
Beth A. Robertson, Department of History (Advisor)
Dorothy J. Smith, Independent Scholar (Researcher)


Photography, research, exhibit text and design by

Dorothy J. Smith, PhD.

Project administration and research assistance (2017-2018) by Jenn Ko

Design Advisor Alix Mitchell